Tough call ?

Desperate times call for desperate measures ?


Life throws bricks on you when you least expect it .

Your boss may decide to sack you one fine morning .

That girlfriend of yours may reveal a dirty little secret .

Your ever so loving friend may end up being friends with that person you hate !

The list goes on

The question is , in times like these do you stick to your old convictions , your beliefs , your expectations ,give one more chance to your cheating husband  , wait until you get that seat in that top MBA program , hold on to the teachings of your childhood or even  your integrity and dignity at times  ?

Or do you ,

Break the rules , play dirty like your competition , give up your inhibitions , settle for the position of a peon , give a miss to your parents and go traveling around the world , or say enough and break that suffocating  friendship ?

Tough stand to take isn’t it ?

It takes courage and unparalleled  wisdom to do the right thing at the right time .

To either embrace your ideals or let go of them .

To give into desperation or hang on to the last thread and wait it out .



Some days it feels like I’m a part of the wind

Like everything , everyone is whispering stories to me

The little barefooted girl who sells roses ,

The man whose skin bears no resemblance to his age ,

The fish monger who gargles out remnants of tobacco ,

The naughty five year old who elbows his sister when his mother is not looking ,

The smell of freshly fried vada pav,

The cackle of sparrows overhead ,

Sweat dripping from the brow of a man in the gym ,

Stolen glances across the classroom ,

The simmer of tea in the kettle ,

The elderly woman reading fifty shades of grey ,

The bruises of a boy learning to pedal his first bicycle ,

The fight between two grown men over a train seat ,

The pain in the limp of a dog ,

The stench degrading garbage in the by lanes ,

The silent tears of a man who lost his mother ,

The smile of the girl with the crooked teeth .

It all comes together ever so beautifully .

Its almost as if the universe is at work .

Spinning weaves of life ,

Like strands of silken thread in a tapestry .

All acting in unison ,to play their part in the ultimate story .