Being Indian ?

Well here we are again ,to that time of the year . But while we are busy pinning the tricolour to our shirts , we’ve forgotten the true meaning of  ” independence ” . It has become a ritual that lasts only for a few hours on the 15th of august .

I think today patriotism is limited to a cricket match .The only time we are proud of our nationality is if our players win one !

In this century we don’t really need to turn into a revolutionary like bhagat Singh , or give our lives like Chandra shekhar azad .

Today’s struggles are different .

Its in the little things .

It’s in not taking or giving bribes .

It is standing up for a person’s rights .

It is not breaking the signal ,even when no one’s looking .

It is treating a girl child at par with a boy .

It is a freedom to love anyone you want ,irrespective of their caste ,creed , status or GENDER .

Its is treating your tourists with respect !(*atiti devo bhava )

It is to not stain a wall with paan !

It is in choosing the right government ,not a powerful one !

It is in voting at every election .

It is fair judiciary justice .

It is impartial police intervention .

It is freedom to voice your thoughts and opinions .

It is freedom from redundant bans !

It is freedom to be yourself , without fearing the society !

We have come a long way in these 68 years ,but we have a long way to go .It is our individual responsibility to do those little things to make a BIG difference .

To define what it really means to be an Indian .

Let this independence  day not be a one day thing , let us remind ourselves of our vows and responsibilities .

To emerge from the social wrongdoings and make India a better place !

Jai hind 🙂


Author: The Story Monger

I call myself a dreamer. Always curious and easily bored, you'l find me trying out new places or talking to random people as I go about my life. I find happiness in little things of life. Food is an obsession of mine! I like kickboxing so I pack a punch!

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