The good v/s The intolerant

Today’s newspaper stirred up so many emotions in me . Both positive and negative .Of anger and appreciation . Of utter disgust and hope .

So it all started when I read the first news ,which really shook me up . There stands a man grimly smiling followed by the headline “politicians should start sadhana “.

At first glance I thought it is some meditative technique ,but I soon discovered it was far from that . This man stands on  democratic soil and says that other religions have no right to exist !

It is ridiculous that people say such things even today !

Apparently some people think that certain ancient ludicrous religious idologies ,that bear no democratic relevance today , should be the basis for a country’s governance .

Here stands a man who denies equality to anyone else other than a selected sect of the society  ,and this he does with so much confidence .

It drove me to a point where I questioned my living in such a country ,coexisting with such narcissistic and extremist groups.

It both drove me mad and rendered me scared and helpless .

And then as every other mumbaikar  does , I handed our country’s fate to the Gods and turned the page for another story that gripped my attention like this one .

And then came a pleasant surprise ,that drew away the bitter aftertaste of the earlier news .

A boy merely 17, Eshan Balbale ,stands on a bridge that he himself built . Now what was so special about a bridge built for some random slumdwellers ?

Well this boy was featured in the “unsung heroes of Mumbai page”

As I read his story a sense of relief and hope rose within me .

What was so starkly different about this boy was that unlike the earlier extremist who was hellbound on erasing all traces of other religions ,this youngster did something for the good of everyone around him ,something pure and unadulterated that benefited all religions the same

He did a simple task of building a bridge over a nullah , so that children could crossover to attend their daily classes without hassle . Compassion and goodwill prevailed over his senses .

This youngster proves that it is possible to be selfless and giving ,in a time where everyone else wants to TAKE and fight for their own “RIGHT

It made me happy to have realized  that I share my existence with a person like  Eshan .

To know that even though there are elements of hatred and violence in this world , there will always be elements of goodness and kindness , and these elements will ALWAYS , that’s right ,they will always win over the former !


Author: The Story Monger

I call myself a dreamer. Always curious and easily bored, you'l find me trying out new places or talking to random people as I go about my life. I find happiness in little things of life. Food is an obsession of mine! I like kickboxing so I pack a punch!

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