It’s all about balance .

Today’s world is coloured in extremes . It’s either too much of something , or too less of it .
On one hand we have people like Donald Trump who thrive on narcissism and intolerance and then on the other hand we have instances like the recent visit of Barack Obama to Cuba , that signifies acceptance and harmony .
We have the Taliban and LeT who have set their souls on devouring humanity and collapsing the foundation of the society , And then in the same environment we have people like Malala Yusaifza who strive to build the society and restore the stolen order .
We have innumerable billionaires on the rise , but we also have hit an all time low of people below the poverty level .
I can give a ton of such examples where each party defies the purpose and existence of the other .
Two forces that collide continually to no end .

The Chinese believe in the Yin and Yang . This belief emphasises on the necessity of opposite forces . Dark v/s light , good v/s bad and how other such opposite forces MUST come together in harmony for a universal existence .

We can hence say that ‘ good ‘ loses significance in the absence of ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ . That , good times need to be cherished when times get tough .
We might want everything to be perfect all the time . We might want everything to go according to our plan , to the last detail . But imagine a perfect world where everything is only sunshine and rainbows . In such a world nothing would ever be good enough . Success would never be an accomplishment , because we would never have known failure .
On a lighter note think about this , you might never know what a good hair day is , if you never knew what a bad day looked like !
We would never realise happiness because we would never have experienced sadness ! We would never love , because we wouldn’t know hatred !

We are so affected by the negativity in our lives that we fail to appreciate the goodness . We fail to count the blessings . We let the bad memories corrupt the good ones too . We collapse under the pressure , lose control and give up .

My point is that if your life looks like one big tragedy and if nothing seems to be working in your favour , you don’t need to get all worked up . Instead , all you need to do is reminisce the good days . Draw your inspiration from positivity and be optimistic about the future .
You need to understand that the good days are here only to BALANCE out the bad ones .

After all , as they say , “It’s a bad day , not a bad life ! “


Change is good !

They say change is the only constant . But we as humans find comfort in familiarity . We don’t like it when we have to move to another place , we don’t like it when a friend suddenly makes a new friend , in short we find it difficult to comprehend change in general .

We feel secure when we “KNOW” .
It gives us a sense of control and superiority over the situation .But in reality , life brings change at every turn .

Take the famous Titanic for example , do you think any of the cruisers would have imagined that , that voyage was going to change their lives forever ?
Or Romeo and Juliet ! Did they anticipate the tragedy when they fell in love ?

Hey , but on the brighter side of things,
A caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly after a slow and painful process of transcendence .
A worthless piece of coal undergoes cruel and testing times only to emerge as a priceless “diamond ” !

So we can safely say that ,change might not always be ‘Wanted’ but it is definitely ‘Needed’ .

It is nature’s way of telling you that you are ready to move ahead . That you are strong and capable enough to take on a new challenge .

On a personal front too I think I am undergoing some sort of change . For the first time in my life I am not sure about anything anymore . These changes weren’t something I had asked for , they came in uninvited and destroyed my world as I had known it to be .

Maybe this is what they called “growing up” .
Now when I look back , my perceptions about everything have changed dramatically .
But the strange thing is that , amidst this uncertainty and chaos , I’ve found an unsaid comfort in the way things have turned out .
It feels almost as if these waves of turmoil have made me wiser and tougher .

Life has its way of getting to you however hard you try to avoid it . You can run all you want , but one day life will catch you unarmed , and at that moment you will be forced to accept it as it is .
And all you can do is brace yourself and take each day as it comes .

Well , maybe change is as only as good or as bad as you make it to be !

20 and Lost ! 

There are always two types of people . The first lot is of those people who know it all . The ones who are aware of their origin , who know what they’re doing and where they’re going . They’ve identified their destiny and will give anything it takes to fulfill their destiny .
Then there is the other Lot (which includes people like me ! ) . Those who are not really sure about anything . They’re lost in the present , unsure about the past and have no clue about what their future looks like ! They don’t know where they’re headed and even if they do , they have no clue how to get there .
Well , most of those in college will identify with this Lot 🙂

It’s not that we  don’t care about our future and , we definitely don’t like being stuck in the confused state that we’re in .
According to me , we are the late bloomers !

We have just not found our story yet . Most of us are stuck in the wrong storyline playing all the wrong parts .

Many things might’ve bought us to the place we are in , like society , parents , friends or sheer ignorance . And we do realise that something doesn’t quite feel right , but we can never figure out what’s that one piece of puzzle that doesn’t fit !

But you know what ? I feel that not knowing what we want to do actually works as an advantage because we live life one day at a time . Since we don’t know where we’re going next , we end up taking it all as one big adventure ! Although it might seem stupid and terribly naive and unambitious in today’s competitive world , we walk the rope blindly and hope for the best .
Until one day we finally stumble upon our destiny , and find that one thing we want to do in life .

And trust me , when that day comes we value that realisation more than the first Lot . Why ? Because , we strived to get to that realisation . We might’ve taken a thousand wrong turns to finally take the right one , the one that will lead us to the sole purpose of our lives .
So if you’re lost , don’t lose hope yet 🙂
If you’re lost , it’s okay !

Maybe not today but someday soon , you will find your way , and that day you will be grateful that you were Lost in the first place !