Change is good !

They say change is the only constant . But we as humans find comfort in familiarity . We don’t like it when we have to move to another place , we don’t like it when a friend suddenly makes a new friend , in short we find it difficult to comprehend change in general .

We feel secure when we “KNOW” .
It gives us a sense of control and superiority over the situation .But in reality , life brings change at every turn .

Take the famous Titanic for example , do you think any of the cruisers would have imagined that , that voyage was going to change their lives forever ?
Or Romeo and Juliet ! Did they anticipate the tragedy when they fell in love ?

Hey , but on the brighter side of things,
A caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly after a slow and painful process of transcendence .
A worthless piece of coal undergoes cruel and testing times only to emerge as a priceless “diamond ” !

So we can safely say that ,change might not always be ‘Wanted’ but it is definitely ‘Needed’ .

It is nature’s way of telling you that you are ready to move ahead . That you are strong and capable enough to take on a new challenge .

On a personal front too I think I am undergoing some sort of change . For the first time in my life I am not sure about anything anymore . These changes weren’t something I had asked for , they came in uninvited and destroyed my world as I had known it to be .

Maybe this is what they called “growing up” .
Now when I look back , my perceptions about everything have changed dramatically .
But the strange thing is that , amidst this uncertainty and chaos , I’ve found an unsaid comfort in the way things have turned out .
It feels almost as if these waves of turmoil have made me wiser and tougher .

Life has its way of getting to you however hard you try to avoid it . You can run all you want , but one day life will catch you unarmed , and at that moment you will be forced to accept it as it is .
And all you can do is brace yourself and take each day as it comes .

Well , maybe change is as only as good or as bad as you make it to be !


Author: The Story Monger

I call myself a dreamer. Always curious and easily bored, you'l find me trying out new places or talking to random people as I go about my life. I find happiness in little things of life. Food is an obsession of mine! I like kickboxing so I pack a punch!

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