7 Types of people you meet at your work place…

Your first few days at work are a blend of emotions. You want to be friendly, but don’t want to seem clingy, you want to look excited but not overdo it so much so as to look demon possessed…. You’re getting the drift, yes?

So after those first few nervous interactions with your co-workers you gradually get to know them. And well, that’s when the fun begins! Now, obviously there need not be these exact types of people at your workplace, but what I have observed in the different places I worked is that there are a few repetitive specimens you will find ALMOST at every workplace. (I’m not being judgemental or stereotypical, I’m just stating my personal observations 🙂 )

So who are these people?

1) Miss Sunshine- there isn’t a dull moment around this person. Having a bad day? Just looking at miss sunshine will give you a purpose in life! She lifts your spirits with that laugh and does not seem to know the existence of sadness in this world. And sometimes you begin to wonder if she’s human. Because, who looks happy after the quarterly appraisal? Seriously, who?

2) Mr. I know it all- Yes, that self proclaimed genius, who might have a certain “university degree”. He loves to make others look like idiots. He will whip up quotes from Steve Job’s autobiography during lunch brake conversations and tell you what’s wrong with your computer when it stops working. He may be genuinely smart, what what makes him annoying is that he rubs that into everyone’s faces. ALL the time.
Bruh. Why you do this?

3) The office hottie- Yes. That one person who is your office crush. Who can turn your knees into jelly when they walk across the cafeteria. One hair flip or one rolling of sleeves and you loose it! Most of us never muster the courage to talk to that one guy/girl. We just stare at them from afar and build steamy fantasies in our mind. And if at all they happen to have some work with us, we don’t know how to hold it together! We pretend to forget that one printout, just so that there’s one more reason for them to come to us. I know this sounds kinda creepy, but we all done it! At some point or the other :p No?

4) Mr Invisible- Ever wondered what the tech guy who sits in the corner does ? Well, no one knows. This person always has this ominous presence. We never know when he comes or goes. He rarely interacts with people and seems to be too absorbed in his work to notice what’s going around him. He has no interest in office gossips or politics. He is socially awkward, but at the same time genuinely nice if you ask him for help. We all wish he would open up a lil more!

5) The asshole- The are normal humans and then there’s the asshole. You know when the asshole is around you, because they literally bring that negativity with them. You can hear them hurling abuses at the client over the phone, or gently pulling your name into an argument to screw you up. They can rarely hold a nice conversation and have to turn every single team outing into a disaster. They are mostly excluded from all weekend plans, unless it’s absolutely important to involve them. They have the ability to test your patience to the limits, and seem to have no end to their assholeness. Getting the drift?

6) Miss Friday Night- Oh she knows the town inside out. There’s no night club that she’s not visited. She’s THE party person. She comes to work directly from a pool party she went to last night, but doesn’t seem hungover at all! She has her schedule lined up with all the happening concerts and she’s always inviting you to join her!
You wonder how she does it all !

7) The boss- No, I’m not talking about your actually boss. This person is the chief of the clan. The union leader. They know what’s going on where, with whom and why in the office. No one dares to lift their finger against this person. They have an established seniority and refuse to give up this “status”. They may not necessarily be bad, sometimes they just have that air of authority and leadership that people tend to follow everything they say. That’s why they’re the absolute BOSSMAN!

I’m sure we all must have seen one or the other of these people in our work lives. Maybe we ourselves are one of these! But the important thing is that our work places teach us to work along with so many different personalities.

Personally work life has taught me that it’s important to respect every colleague irrespective of how they may behave. There may be certain ups and downs but in the end it’s all about team work! Isn’t it ?


Author: The Story Monger

I call myself a dreamer. Always curious and easily bored, you'l find me trying out new places or talking to random people as I go about my life. I find happiness in little things of life. Food is an obsession of mine! I like kickboxing so I pack a punch!

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