Think twice before you say “What could possibly go wrong?”

It’s crazy how life turns out. 5 years back I wouldn’t have even imagined I would be where I am today. Be the person I am today. It’s crazy how every assumption you had about life turns to dust, as LIFE happens.

It’s almost as if life is on a mission to prove you wrong. Just when you begin to think that you’ve got it figured, life decides to go the other way. One day you are at the top of the world, and the next day you cease to exist! And, you can’t even ask why!

Just when you had all that money kept aside for your daughter’s marriage, the government decides to demonitize all of it. Just when you get a weekend off and decide to loosen up and go drinking, it’s declared a nationwide dry day! Just when you think USA wasn’t actually a country full of people who could uplift a cloud of orange smoke who was racist, sexist and also a sadist… well we know how that worked out for all the sensible rational people out in the world.

In times like these what do you do? What about those dreams you had? What about those ambitious plans? What about your principles? What about your identity!

Nothing seems the same anymore! It’s like everything has changed within the blink of your eye.

Well it’s for days like these, you sing yourself “The greatest” by SIA and put all of that doubts and confusions aside. It’s now that you have to be the strongest. It’s now that you emerge from the ashes and build yourself. I’m just saying that life doesn’t always pan out the way you think it will, or it should.

Most times you won’t know what the heck is happening, and why. You would wonder what you did wrong, but simply put, it’s not you it’s just…. LIFE being life!

All you can do is take each day as it comes. Try not to fight the reality and find a way to make it your friend. To accept your shortcomings and work on them, instead of denying their existence. To do better each day than the previous one. And most of all, be prepared for the worst that life could possible throw at you.

Most importantly, think twice before say, “Honey, what could possibly go wrong?”.


Author: The Story Monger

I call myself a dreamer. Always curious and easily bored, you'l find me trying out new places or talking to random people as I go about my life. I find happiness in little things of life. Food is an obsession of mine! I like kickboxing so I pack a punch!

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