Just being human (*read stupid)

Its strange how we somehow end up doing the same things over and over again . sometimes , even overlooking the pain they accompany .

We are supposed to be superior beings . The ‘know it alls’  . but when it comes to our most beloved ‘emotions’ , even the rocket scientists are baffled by its capability to cripple us to our core .

Just take a small fight with your friend for instance . It ‘will’ drive you nuts .It ‘will’ give you sleepless nights until either the fight is dissolved or the friendship .

Take heart break on the other hand . It has the power to melt hearts of stone . It is the cause of utter dismay and has the ability to take you to the dungeons of sadness and depression ( all depending on the person you love , of-course ! haha ) .

And when these things happen we take decisions . We promise ourselves that we will never fight again , or never trust again , never care again  , never love again , and never let ourselves be so vulnerable to deception and betrayal ;  basically we will not put put ourselves in any ‘emotional turmoil ‘ again .

But one fine day you break your promise .     AGAIN !   . You tell yourself that its ‘okay ‘ That this time it will be different  . That maybe this friendship is true . That maybe this relationship is ‘the one’ after all  . You tell yourself that in time everything will fall into place and everything is perfect afterall .

And then one fine day it dawns upon you that you were wrong . AGAIN !  . Oh well , and then you know what happens next .

This whole process is a vicious cycle . That goes on and on and on . And each time we plunge into this muck ourselves , getting disappointed each time . Call it stupidity or madness I think  this is the very thing that  makes us human  . This fascinating and admirable hope for “tomorrow” . The hope that it will be better this time .