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Norwegian Woods By Haruki Murakami

After hearing about Murakami for the best part of my adult life, I finally got around to reading one of his classic works.

The protagonist Toru Watanabe. Watanabe, who older now, reminisces about his teenage years after hearing an orchestral cover of the famous Beatles’ number “Norwegian Wood.” With a rush of nostalgia he takes the readers on a guided tour of his life, along with the lives of the central characters Kizuki, Naoko and Midori..

In another world this would’ve been a coming of age book about three teenagers making their way through love, life and everything in between. However, Murakami renders a dark undertone to the storyline as we are taken through a maze of emotional events that deal with the complexities of human relationships. The story also touches on some hard hitting topics issues of mental health and death, and the human responses to them.

What’s Buzzing About The Book?

Murakami’s way of storytelling, his eye for detail and his simple and crisp use of language.

Favorite Quote

_So what happens when people open their hearts___They get better._


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